13467537_1167309096623839_1621335360_o.jpgHello World!

Alright! So welcome to my book blog everyone. I will be sharing with the world my thoughts and strong feelings towards books. I have here some bookish whatnots such as book reviews, my thoughts on cover reveals and many more.

Every reader has their own specific taste on books. For me, I like fantasy and mythology (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson), a little dsytopian from time to time (Hunger Games), Young Adult (The Fault in our Stars), romance (Me Before You) and lastly, fairy tale retellings. (honestly, I dont know which genre they fall to).

I hope you noticed that the book examples that I’ve given you are very common ones, it’s me telling you guys that there might be a  mutual ground for us. In my years as book enthusiast, I have spent most of my nights reading and crying over fictional characters. I have had my fair share of laughter and tears with characters that I wished existed in real life. And honestly, up until now, I still wish they do.

In this book blog, I hope I get to meet a lot of people with the same passion as I do. I love meeting new people, it gives me feels knowing that there are people out here that have the same intense feels for a book. But what I’d love  to happen is to see someone fall in love with a book because I helped, and that would be the  best feeling ever.

If you see anything you like and would like to share it, go ahead, just don’t forget to mention me when you click that share button. I would love to read comments (especially the positive ones) and hear all your lovely opinions on my precious thoughts.Oh and recommendations are welcome as well; may be regarding books I should take a look at or just blogs you want me to follow and admire.