Wrap-Up: September 2016

Alright! Hello, hello, HELLO!

This is my first time doing a blog post about the books I’ve read for the month of September. It’s a little embarrassing to say that I’ve only read three books this month. It’s just that it’s been a really really busy time for me at school and I had little time to read books. September just flew so fast, I never even had the chance to read the books I was planning to read.

So here the lovely books I’ve read.

1. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Rating: 4/5 stars

The main reason I read this is because I was preparing myself for Heartless by Marissa Meyer that’s coming out this November. I’ve read Alice before when I was in elementary but let’s face it, I don’t remember a single thing. The only memories I have of Alice was when the time I watched the movie from Disney.

I never got the chance to post my review of it but I loved it so much. I now understand why people keep on insisting that Carroll was “high” when he wrote this.

“I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning” said Alice a little timidly: “but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

2. To Be Read at Dusk by Charles Dickens

Rating: 3.5/5 stars 

I liked this book (seriously? Are penguin little black classics considered as “books”?? Someone help me with this one) so much because it’s a compilation of his writings that are supposed to stir fear in his readers. It had the scary element but it didn’t really scared the pants out of me. I bought this one during the Manila International Book Fair and didn’t even checked what the book was about. Impulse buying, I know. The writing style was astounding but of course, Dickens would never fail to deliver.

“The monstrous thought came as I perused the fixed eyes and the saturnine face, that this was a spirit, not a man.”

3. Wicked Vampire: A Dark Truth (Book 2) by Amelia Wilson

Rating: 3/5 stars 

I received A Dark Truth by Amelia Wilson in exchange of an honest review. For a person who’s not a fan of vampire stories I really enjoyed this one. You guys can read my review here and I hope you guys enjoy this one like I did.

“She tilted her head up in invitation and lips pressed down against her, firm but not prodding. Her hands shook in anticipation and moved blindly to rest on broad shoulders.”

There you have it! I’m really hoping to read a lot more this October. It’s Halloween and I’m planning on reading something related to the season. Any suggestions? Do comment them down. Last year I didn’t get the chance to finish reading Lauren Oliver’s Rooms, so maybe I’ll include that in this months TBR collection.