Review Policy

Hi to you my dear visitor! Thank you for checking my blog out.

I read books and post my reviews here, if you’re interested in getting your book reviewed by ME, it would be such a pleasure to do so. But before we head on to that, I’ve got some teeny tiny facts I have got to tell you.

  1. I have had my fair share of books from different genres, but I do read anything. But I prefer reading from these genres:
    • Young and New Adult
    • Women’s Fiction and Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Murder Mysteries
  2. I read in both ebook  and printed format (but sending me a printed format would be such a thrill for me).
  3. I usually draft my review after I have read the book and post it as soon as I can.

So what will be included in my review?

  1. The book cover
  2. My rating
  3. Honest thoughts and opinions (a.k.a the review)
  4. Synopsis links from Goodreads or Amazon
    • PS. The author could  always ask me to include other details that needs to be present in my review

How to contact me?

  • You could always shoot me an email here:
  • Or send me a direct message in my bookstagram account: @patti.reads

How do I rate?

5 stars – I really really, without a doubt, 100 percent loved it and would recommend it to every booklover out there.

4 stars – It was great. There might be something that stopped me from giving a 5 star. I would definitely recommend it.

3 stars – It was okay. I liked it that it piqued my interest. I would recommend it to those who loves the genre of the book I’ve read.

2 stars – It was disappointing. It needs a lot of love and work for me to like it. I wouldn’t recommend this book.

1 star – I did not like it one bit. There is definitely something wrong with it that I ranked it this low. I would not recommend this to anyone.