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11403359_971013102920107_8697028746828057364_n.jpgMagandang Araw!

That’s Good Day in Filipino. Hi, I’m Patricia but I’d appreciate it if you guys called me Patti instead. The number of people with my name is just too darn high. So yeah, welcome to my blog! I’m from the Philippines (yey), I love it here but I really hope that someday I can have the opportunity to travel all over the world.

At this point, I’m supposed to say  random these things about me, so okay. Here goes.

I wear glasses. I love to read. I always crave for sweet and salty food. I love dogs and kittens. I enjoy the company of my friends and I laugh out loud at funny moments. I love the color pink. I have a Hello Kitty collection. I love peanut butter and chocolate.

What else. Hmmmm..

I am a huge fan of Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. I love Barry Allen (The Flash). I am a fan of superhero movies. I cry when fictional characters die. I love watching American Sitcoms (F.R.I.E.N.D.S, HIMYM, TBBT, Two Broke Girls. etc)

Of course there are some things I don’t do or I don’t like such as…

I am not very fluent with our national language. I don’t drink coffee or tea(yeah, I know. Sorry guys). I don’t eat spicy food. I don’t like watching horror movies. I am not a morning person but I love eating breakfast. I hate spoilers (seriously).

Oh, I almost forgot…

I love the ocean, the waterfalls, the sea. I am in different Fandoms. I am a fangirl. I love fairy tales and lastly, I am a frustrated mermaid. I like to listen to music (well, everybody does.) AND! I know Filipino Sign Language. That’s one talent I’m reeeaaally proud of.

It’s kind’a hard to sum up things about me. So basically, I just a girl with huge dreams hoping that someday these dreams come true. I am in love with my best friend and he loves me dearly. Writing has always been a passion of mine but sometimes I hit bumps along the way that I forget how important this is in my life. I am a girl who wakes up everyday and faces challenges like a normal person would. I just the girl with glasses and I guess that’s all you need to know.

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