ARC Review: Come This Way by Michelle Schlicher

Date Read: October 31, 2016

Publisher: Self Published

Number of Pages: 211 pages


A hiking and outdoor enthusiast, fifty-year-old Fern Conrad can’t imagine spending her time doing anything else, much to the dismay of her daughter, Colby.

Kara Dawson, a twenty-five-year-old student therapist, has shut life out to focus on her sister’s illness. That is, until a chance meeting pushes her to confront the possibilities—by letting go and moving forward.

Eighty-three-year-old Nettie Campbell heals in the hospital while facing the consequences of her actions. Can she repair relationships and forge new bonds as she comes to terms with the truth?

Come This Way is an emotional, honest look into the lives of women who are discovering their own strength. It is a story about difficult choices and the people around us who help us find our way.

[blurb from Goodreads]


I received an ARC of Come This Way in exchange for an honest review.

Come This Way is the first book I have read from Michelle Schlicher. Women’s fiction is my go-to genre if I  don’t feel like reading heavy stories with intense emotions. Come This Way tugged on some strong emotions I wasn’t expecting but I was glad it did.

Come This Way follows the story of three strong-willed women: Fern, Kara and Nettie. Each character is faced with a problem, regarding their families to be exact. These characters all have a similar trait, it’s their determination and courage. Fern is an outdoorsy mother trying her best to connect with her daughter. It’s the usual mother-daughter problem everyone is aware of. Kara is living most of her days in the hospital, fighting her fears of being separated from her sister and managing to include love in her life. Nettie is a feisty old woman just stuck in the hospital. And because of her old age, she is tirelessly arguing with every human being she comes across with, even her son.

Every story is relatable; it deals with fixing  forgotten and broken relationships with family members and trying hard enough to fight their own battles. I love that it’s told in different perspectives. I get to see glimpses of  their lives and how they deal with their struggles. Reading Come This Way was a tear-jerker for me. I couldn’t help but miss my Mother and my Grandmother while reading it. Each chapter was sweet enough that gives a fuzzy feeling to the heart. It was obvious that the stories were close to author’s heart, you could feel her emotions in her writing.

It was hard to pick a favorite character but I found myself a little bit inclined with Nettie’s story. I just adored her. Her feisty attitude, her strong personality, her adventurous soul and how, even in her old age, tried to connect with her son and her granddaughter. In Nettie’s story, you get to understand how people like them think. It made me ponder if my Grandmother feels the same way as Nettie did when her husband died or if my Grandmother feels abandoned by her children as well. (Just talking about it is making me sad.) It’s stories like Come This Way that gives us a little perspective that we wouldn’t be able to know until we’re in that very same situation.

Fern and Colby’s story was the strongest among the three. I found myself looking forward for their chapters. Among all the three stories, I could feel the chemistry between the two. The pacing was good, not too sloppy and not too rushed either. And to think that everything that conspired between them was in just a span of two days, the author did a great job at dividing the story and how it developed until the end.

Kara’s story was the weakest one for me. It felt like there wasn’t enough build up for Kara’s character, all I knew that she was fragile and scared of losing her sister. I guess it would have been better if her character was established a little more, plus the way her story ended, felt a bit forced. I wanted to see more of Kara and  Kate’s relationship as sisters instead of Kara and Eric’s romantic relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed their romance but it was another “love  at first sight” incident and I am not a big fan of those, it just seemed unrealistic to me.

But the best part? It’s finding out that everything ties itself in the end; that how coincidental situations could be. Somehow it had a happy ending feel to it; you know, the one with “and they all lived happily ever after” essence. It was such a feel good book and I can’t wait to read more of Schlicher’s books.

Come This Way by Michelle Schlicher tells the story of ordinary women that we come across in our daily lives. Each one desperately rebuilding broken relationships and overcoming the fear of loss and heartaches. Sharing with us that no matter what happens, in the end, everything will be okay.

Rating: stars



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